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Unraveling the Talents of Staiv Gentis: Actor, Model, and Bio Wiki, Age, Height, Education, Career, Net Worth, Family More…

French-born and bred, Staiv Gentis is a multi-talented artist who has gained recognition in acting, modeling, stunt acting, and mixed martial arts. In the entertainment industry, his parts in critically praised movies like “Leatherdaddy” and “The Astronaut” have brought him respect and notoriety. 

But there’s more to Gentis than just his on-screen presence.Also well-known is his previous relationship with model Ines Rau. Gentis’s love of the arts and his parents’ impact on him as a child ignited his own desire for performance at an early age. His love for performing inspired him to pursue acting in 2014, and since then, he has earned five acting credits that demonstrate his talent and adaptability as a performer.

In addition to her career in acting, Gentis is a successful combat sports participant. His commitment to developing his abilities in a variety of fields demonstrates his love for his work and his drive to succeed in whatever he does.

Who is Staiv Gentis?

French talent Staiv Gentis possesses a wide range of abilities. His acting talents were on display in movies such as “Leatherdaddy” and “The Astronaut,” so you might be familiar with him from those parts. However, he is not merely an actor. In addition, Gentis does stunts, models, and mixed martial arts, showcasing his flexibility in a variety of industries.

Apart from his career accomplishments, Gentis is well-known for his previous partnership with model Ines Rau. His diverse professional and personal experiences have elevated him to a prominent position in the entertainment sector.


Born in Paris, France on April 14, 1993, Staiv Gentis is a multitalented individual. He is a real Aries, turning 30 in January 2024, and is well-known for having a lively and active demeanor. 

With iconic performances in movies like “Leatherdaddy” and “The Astronaut,” Gentis has made a lasting impression on the entertainment world. His abilities don’t end there, though. In addition, he displays his flexibility as a mixed martial artist, model, and stunt performer at every opportunity.

Apart from his career aspirations, Gentis’s private life has also drawn interest, especially his previous partnership with model Ines Rau. 

Gentis has had a deep love for performing since he was a little child, and this love is evident in everything he does. He keeps making waves in the entertainment industry with passion and determination, making a deep effect on viewers all over the world.

Early Life 

Growing up, Staiv Gentis was surrounded by a family deeply rooted in physical disciplines.His mother, a yoga instructor, and father, a martial artist, instilled in him a love of physical discipline at a young age. Gentis got his start in combat sports as a young child, inspired by his father’s passion for martial arts, which laid the groundwork for his varied career.

As a proud French national with a background in martial arts, he calls Paris his hometown, where he continues to pour his heart and soul into his career in the entertainment industry.


Full NameStaiv Gentis
Date of BirthApril 14, 1993
Age30 years old (as of January 2024)
Zodiac SignAries
Place of BirthParis, France
Current ResidenceParis, France
Height (feet)5’8″
Height (centimeters)173
Weight (pounds)170
Weight (kilograms)77
Hair ColourDark brown
Eye ColourBrown
Relationship StatusSingle
Former PartnerInes Rau
ProfessionActor, model, stunt performer, mixed martial artist

Staiv Gentism Age 

April 14, 1993, is the birthdate of French actor Staiv Gentis, who will turn 30 in January 2024. His intense demeanor and captivating performances clearly demonstrate that he is an Aries. He emanates independence, tenacity, and enthusiasm. Gentis captivates spectators with his talent and brings a unique touch to his on-screen parts with his charisma and vitality. He seizes every chance in the entertainment industry with enthusiasm, driven by the Aries spirit to pursue higher heights of fame and recognition while striving for greater creative fulfillment and accomplishment.

Body Measurements 

At five feet eight inches (173 centimeters) tall, Staiv Gentis commands attention with his alluring presence. He weighs roughly 170 pounds (77 kilograms), and whether he’s strutting the runway or mingling with fans off-camera, he radiates poise and confidence. His appealing features and well-defined form allow him to change up his look without sacrificing style, which makes him popular in the fashion world. Everybody is mesmerized by Staiv’s captivating charm and unmistakable attractiveness as he easily steals the show, whether he’s donning high fashion couture or embodying casual elegance.

Educational Background 

There isn’t much information available about Gentis’ schooling history. But because of his mother’s yoga skills and father’s martial arts experience, it’s clear that he was raised with a strong desire for physical discipline. It’s evident that his early exposure to martial arts and yoga established in him a strong sense of discipline and determination, skills that have surely contributed to his success in his multifarious career, even though his official education may not have been stressed.

Staiv Gentis Career 

With his deft handling of multiple roles, Staiv Gentis is a veritable Renaissance man in the entertainment industry. His acting career took off in 2014 when he made his feature film debut in “Sangra Tango,” a short film that served as the catalyst for his future success. He has since amassed an amazing five acting credits, demonstrating his skill and adaptability on the big screen.

His roles in “The Astronaut” (2022) as Homme GIGN and “Leatherdaddy” (2019) as Owen are two noteworthy examples from his filmography. Staiv proves his mettle as an actor with each job, leaving a lasting impact.

Staiv’s talents extend beyond acting, though, as he is a skilled stunt performer who has contributed to movies like “Some Like It Rare” and “Warlike,” as well as the well-known video game “Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.” His daring and commitment are evident in every trick he pulls off, giving the projects he works on more nuance and excitement.

In order to broaden his skill set, Staiv entered the modeling industry in 2008. His major break came in 2011 when Pierre and Gilles, a well-known French creative team, noticed him. His striking features have since captured the attention of viewers all around the world, inspiring other entrepreneurs, artists, and sculptors to create works inspired by him.

Apart from his professional endeavors, Staiv is becoming increasingly well-known on social media, particularly Instagram, where he has amassed a devoted following of roughly ten thousand users. His engaging material and appealing personality keep him a growing star in the entertainment world, drawing in audiences both on and off television.

Staiv Gentis Net Worth 

Staiv’s varied portfolio, which includes acting, modeling, presenting, and stunt work, shows that his talent is unbounded. It should come as no surprise that he’s almost at a $1 million net worth given his extensive and varied career. In addition to bringing him financial success, his diligence and hard work in a variety of entertainment-related fields have made him a powerful figure in the business. Staiv’s path demonstrates the value of adaptability and tenacity in the cutthroat entertainment industry.

Personal Life 

Before he found fame in acting and stunts, Staiv Gentis was deeply immersed in bodybuilding and martial arts. In 2012, he even took part in the Muscle Mania Fitness Europe competition, although he didn’t make it to the top 20. Despite this setback, Staiv’s expertise in these areas became pivotal for his online presence, especially after his role in “The Art of Sports” caught the attention of the host of the “CIRCADIAN” podcast.

In a compelling episode that aired in May 2023, Staiv discussed his all-encompassing method of mental, physical, and meditation training. He didn’t hold back when talking about fascinating subjects like questioning social conventions, using psychedelics therapeutically, and accessing ancient wisdom.

In late 2023 and early 2024, Staiv made appearances on podcasts such as “TIME FOR HUMAN,” “MEDIT’ACTION,” “INSPIRE Potential,” and “MOUVERS,” demonstrating his love for holistic wellness and spirituality. His deep insights on these platforms impressed GQ France, leading to his role as the host of “Awakening.” In this series, Staiv embarked on eye-opening journeys to explore various spiritual practices and unconventional methods for boosting mental and physical well-being. For instance, he delved into the philosophy of Shaolin kung fu and trained with Master Shi Heng Yi in one of the early episodes.

On January 30, 2024, Staiv braved an ice bath with none other than Wim Hof, the well-known motivational speaker best known for his use of cold therapy techniques combined with specific breathing exercises. This was one particularly memorable occasion. Wim Hof’s tactics have been supported by celebrities such as David Beckham, Liam Hemsworth, Orlando Bloom, and Gwyneth Paltrow because of their good impact on health and wellness.

Family Of Staiv Gentis 

From a close-knit family with a diverse ethnic background, Staiv Gentis hails. Even if his family’s specifics are still unknown, it’s clear that they have had a big influence on his path. Staiv’s success in the entertainment industry can probably be attributed to the discipline and determination that his parents instilled in him.

Staiv’s relationship with his loved ones probably provides him with strength and support as he navigates the ups and downs of his work, even though he keeps it out of the public eye. Staiv probably treasures the support and affection of his family, whether it’s for special occasions or for guidance through trying times.


The “Leatherdaddy” actor and model Ines Rau were romantically linked, and their relationship became public in 2015. Recent indications, nevertheless, suggest that they might have parted ways. Ines deleted all of their shared images from Instagram and has since started sharing images of herself cuddling up to someone else. 

Renowned modeling agencies like Modelwerk and IMG Paris represent the well-known model Ines Rau. As the first openly transgender Playmate, she broke down barriers and encouraged diversity in the business. Her brave journey is still an inspiration to many, moving the fashion industry closer to diversity and acceptance.

Social Media

On his Instagram account, @staiv_gentis, where he has nearly 12,000 followers, Staiv posts glimpses into his various interests and pastimes. From boxing and calisthenics to karate and taekwondo, his postings demonstrate his dedication to martial arts and fitness. Alongside sharing his workout routines, Staiv sprinkles motivational quotes and snapshots from his visits to Buddhist sites, blending cultural exploration with personal development. While his YouTube channel under the same name remains inactive for now, it seems like he’s gearing up for future projects to broaden his presence on social media, especially after teaming up with GQ France.


  • Multifaceted Talent: Staiv Gentis is a French actor, model, stunt performer, and mixed martial artist, showcasing his versatility across various entertainment sectors.
  • Notable Acting Roles: He gained recognition for his performances in acclaimed movies like “Leatherdaddy” and “The Astronaut,” where he displayed his acting prowess and left a lasting impact on audiences.
  • Relationship with Ines Rau: Staiv Gentis was previously in a relationship with model Ines Rau, which garnered attention in the media. However, recent indications suggest they may have parted ways.
  • Early Passion for Performance: Inspired by his parents, who were deeply rooted in physical disciplines, Staiv developed a love for performing arts from a young age, laying the foundation for his successful career.
  • Diverse Career Path: Alongside acting, Staiv excels in combat sports, modeling, and stunt work, demonstrating his commitment to honing his skills across multiple domains.
  • Online Presence: With a growing presence on social media platforms like Instagram, Staiv shares glimpses of his life, including his dedication to martial arts training, cultural exploration, and personal development.


With his wide range of skills, French-born artist Staiv Gentis has left a lasting impression on the entertainment sector. His versatility in combat sports, modeling, and prominent acting roles have all contributed to his ability to enthrall viewers. Staiv’s career in entertainment is a testament to his commitment, adaptability, and unwavering quest of perfection. It was spurred by his love of performing and his parents’ influence.


1.What is Staiv Gentis known for?

Staiv Gentis is known for his versatile talents as an actor, model, stunt performer, and mixed martial artist. He gained recognition for his roles in acclaimed movies such as “Leatherdaddy” and “The Astronaut.”

2.Who was Staiv Gentis in a relationship with?

Staiv Gentis was previously in a relationship with model Ines Rau, although recent indications suggest they may have parted ways.

3.What inspired Staiv Gentis to pursue a career in the entertainment industry?

Staiv Gentis was inspired by his parents, who instilled in him a love for physical disciplines and performance from a young age, motivating him to pursue a career in acting and other creative fields.

4.What are Staiv Gentis’s notable achievements in his career?

Staiv Gentis has garnered acclaim for his performances in movies like “Leatherdaddy” and “The Astronaut,” showcasing his acting talent and versatility. Additionally, his dedication to combat sports, modeling, and stunt work has further solidified his presence in the entertainment industry.

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