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“Holly Bankemper: Unveiling the Journey of a Multi-Faceted Life – From Early Years to Family Bliss and Professional Success”


Holly Punkember is often recognized as the spouse of Chris Collinsworth, the well-known sports commentator and former football player for the Cincinnati Bengals. Despite being married to such a prominent figure, Holly keeps a relatively low profile in terms of her own career. Many might not be aware, but she’s actually a highly respected lawyer. Currently, she practices law in Fort Thomas and is an active member of the Cincinnati Bar Association.

While Chris Collinsworth enjoys the spotlight in the sports world, Holly diligently works in her legal profession, making significant contributions to her community and the field of law.

Who is Holly Bankemper?

Holly Bankemper is a dedicated American attorney based in Fort Thomas, known for her legal expertise and active involvement in the Cincinnati Bar Association. Beyond her professional accomplishments, she’s also widely known as the beloved spouse of former American footballer Chris Collinsworth.

A vital support system for her spouse and their family, Holly’s legal career goes hand in hand with helping them navigate the highs and lows of life together. Her dedication to her family and career exemplifies her admirable and complex personality.

Early life and childhood

Hey, guess what?Holly Bankemper has a special day today because it’s her birthday!Her birthday is today, November 23, 1964. She was born on this date. Let’s send her good vibes and wishes on this memorable day as she celebrates her birthday!

She finished her secondary education at Highlands High School in her early years. 

 At the University of Cincinnati, she was working toward her JD when fate intervened to place her ahead of her future spouse.

Her academic endeavors not only equipped her for a successful legal career but also exposed her to a critical event that would profoundly alter her personal life.

You know, on Wikipedia, Cris Collinsworth states that he and his partner Holly reside in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, USA.

While Holly’s nationality is still a mystery, we can be fairly certain that she is American.

We’re still looking into Holly’s net worth, but we’ll have the details for you shortly.

Holly has maintained her family’s privacy regarding that aspect of her life. We only know that she has two siblings.

As for Holly’s stats like height, weight, and all that jazz, well, that’s still up in the air.

Oh, and Holly and Cris are proud parents to four kiddos: Austin, Katie, Ashley, and Jack.

As of right now, Holly is not visible on Instagram. But don’t worry, we’re looking for it and will notify you as soon as we do!


Real/Full NameHolly Bankemper
Date of BirthNovember 23, 1964
Zodiac/Sun SignScorpio
Religion/CasteNot known
Birth PlaceFort Thomas, Kentucky
ResidenceFort Thomas
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandCris Collinsworth
SchoolHighlands High School
College/UniversityUniversity of Cincinnati


 Holly’s hitting the big 57 in 2021! Yeah, she was born right there in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, on November 23, 1964. Pretty cool, right? Just thought you might find that tidbit intriguing!


Holly is 1.7 meters (5 feet 8 inches) tall. Her hair is blonde, and she has green eyes.


Holly Bankemper received good grades upon completing their high school education. Following that, Holly Bankemper completed her BA degree at a US state university.

Net worth Holly Bankemper

You know, Holly’s really made a mark in her career as a lawyer.Over the years, she has amassed a net worth of approximately $3 million. She is also a well-respected Cincinnati Bar Association member.

And hey, her hubby Cris Collinsworth? He’s no stranger to success either. With his NFL career and now as a sports broadcaster, he’s sitting on a pretty nice net worth of around $14 million. They’re definitely doing well for themselves!

Personal life Holly Bankemper 

 Holly Bankemper came into the world on November 23, 1964, right in Fort Thomas, Kentucky. She’s got a brother and a sister, keeping the family vibe strong.

During her high school years, she went to Highlands High School in the Fort Thomas Independent School District, which is situated in her hometown. She jumped right into law school, attending the University of Cincinnati College of Law, having excelled in high school.

 And get this, she nailed it and graduated in 1988. Talk about making moves!

Holly Bankemper and Cris Collinsworth first crossed paths! It was at The Precinct, this cool spot in Cincinnati that Cris actually co-owned.Cris looked at Holly, a former cheerleader for the University of Kentucky preparing for law school at the University of Cincinnati.He played for the Cincinnati Bengals at the time.

Funny enough, Cris mentioned later that, as an NFL player, he’d met his fair share of “great-looking women,” but none quite like Holly. Their first meeting happened when some friends of Cris introduced them at the restaurant. They even threw in a little prank, saying Holly was a 30-year-old divorcee with two kids! But hey, Cris still showed up for that date, and the rest is history. Guess sometimes, love has a way of surprising you!

In a sweet twist of fate, Cris popped the question to his beloved in 1988, right in the midst of an MLB All-Star Game down in Cincinnati. He had this big, romantic plan to have the proposal flash up on the Jumbotron for everyone to see. So, he mustered up the courage to approach Al Michaels, hoping he’d help make it happen. But alas, Michaels wasn’t game for the idea. Looking back now, Cris chuckles, realizing it might not have been the dream proposal after all. “Even if she said yes,” he muses, “she probably would’ve cringed at the whole thing for the rest of her life.”

But hey, love prevailed regardless.Surrounded by their closest and dearest, they tied the knot on June 3, 1989, the following year.It was a big event, attended by a number of prominent sports figures, including Cincinnati mayor Jerry Springer at the time. After getting married, they decided to move to her hometown of Fort Thomas, Kentucky. There, they built a charming colonial-style house with breathtaking views of the Ohio River, perched atop a hill. 

 From that rejected Jumbotron proposal to their comfortable home with a river view, it’s been quite the journey, but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Holly and Cris are proud parents to four wonderful kids: two boys, Austin and Jac, and two girls, Ashley and Katie. Austin, their eldest son, was quite the star on the football field during his high school days. He played his heart out as a safety, and his skills and leadership even earned him the title of varsity captain when he moved on to the University of Notre Dame.

But doesn’t life sometimes throw us a curveball? Austin had a setback in 2014, his senior year at Notre Dame. He needed surgery because he had a pretty serious injury to his shoulder. He suffered a severe blow, and regrettably, it signaled the end of his football career. But despite the setback, Austin’s spirit and resiliency carried him through the difficulties that lay ahead.

Career Holly Bankemper

Later that same year, Austin bounced back in an unexpected way. He dove into his studies and earned himself a master’s degree in Finance. With his sharp mind and newfound expertise, he landed a gig as the Vice President of Digital Distribution for the popular app Pro Football Focus. It was a new path for him, but one he embraced with gusto.

Meanwhile, Ashley, the brainiac of the family, pursued her passion for psychology at Harvard University. While there, she not only hit the books but also hit the track, competing in track and field. And who was there cheering her on every step of the way? None other than her dad, Cris, who proudly served as her coach.Ashley faced the world with her degree and her tenacity after graduating in 2015.

The driven Katie discovered her calling in the field of business marketing. One marketing campaign at a time, she is making her mark as a manager at Golf Channel’s “GolfNow,” where she thrives in the fast-paced environment.

Last but not least, Jac, the adventurer, embarked on a journey with NBC network during the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His time there was nothing short of exhilarating. These days, he’s found his place as a features reporter on ESPN’s ‘Sunday NFL Countdown’, bringing stories to life for football fans everywhere.

Sis and brother Holly Bankemper

Holly was born and raised in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, so her roots are there. She grew up in their hometown, where she made priceless memories with her brother and sister.

Despite our curiosity, Holly’s family remains a bit of a mystery. Despite our best efforts to uncover more about them, we hit a dead end. It seems their identities are tucked away, leaving us with unanswered questions about Holly’s family tree. But hey, sometimes a little mystery adds to the intrigue, right?


Holly and Bankemper’s friendship stands as solid as ever. There’s no sign of trouble in paradise—no conflicts or issues in sight. Their bond remains strong, built on a foundation of mutual passion and respect that flows both ways. It’s a partnership that continues to flourish, bringing joy and fulfillment to both of them.

Married life Cris’

Back in ’88, Cris had this grand plan to propose to his sweetheart during the MLB All-Star Game in Cincinnati. But as fate would have it, he ended up popping the question on a quiet bridge overlooking the Ohio River instead. Looking back, he’s actually thankful that Al Michaels turned down his request to make it a public spectacle. Cris realized that his beloved would have cringed at all the attention from the crowd.

Their wedding day, June 3rd, 1989, was a real highlight. A mixed bag of professional athletes, including Cincinnati mayor Jerry Springer, watched them exchange vows. It was a day full of laughter and love, the beginning of their journey together.


Austin, Jac, Ashley, and Katie are the four incredible children that Cris and Holly are parents to together. However, the addition of grandchildren has allowed their family to expand even further and has given them even more happiness in their lives.

Born in 1995, their son Jack has established a notable reputation for himself in the sports journalism field. His coverage from the Rio Olympics had a profound effect on viewers back home. In 2018, he began his football exploration when he became a sports analyst and commentator on ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown. In 2020, just when it seemed like his journey could get any more exciting, he went back to NBC to carry on enlightening everyone about sports.

Holly Bankemper Social Media

With thousands of devoted followers across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, Holly Bankemper has garnered a lot of attention in the past few months.

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