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“Unraveling the Mystery: Inside Sonny Side’s Secretive Married Life” Bio Wiki, Age, Height, Education, Career, Net Worth, Family And More Personal Details…

Although Sonny Side’s wife’s identity is still unknown, we do know that she is Vietnamese. The mystery surrounding their relationship is increased by the lack of transparency surrounding their wedding plans.

In the entertainment business, Sonny Side is well-known for his diverse skill set as a writer, producer, director, filmmaker, and YouTuber. Thanks to his entertaining material and excellent meal reviews, he has amassed a sizable following base on his food and travel channel, the Best Ever meal Review Show. His prominence led to a rise in interest in his personal life, specifically in relation to his marital status. We explore the truth of Sonny Side’s mysterious wife in this piece. Discover more mysteries by continuing to read.

Sonny Side Wife?

Despite the fact that Sonny Side is married, he has kept his romantic history very private. In 2021, speculation on his marital status began after keen-eyed followers noticed him wearing a wedding ring.

Regarding the tale of how Sonny got to know his spouse or the beginning of their romantic relationship, the YouTuber has stayed mum. But according to Sonny, their paths first met when he was just starting out on YouTube. He poured his heart and mind into making compelling films because he was eager to impress her and hoped that his artistic skills would win her over.

In a heartwarming tale, a YouTuber endeavored to blend his face with that of a woman’s in a video. However, she hesitated, expressing fears of potential legal repercussions and police involvement.Unfazed, the YouTuber expressed his undying love for her and put their relationship above all else. Their friendship eventually developed into a romantic connection, yet details about their courtship, wedding, and location are still unknown.

The mysterious wedding photos of YouTuber Sonny Side and his spouse, who seem committed to one another, have not been seen online for a long time, which has led to rumors about his marital status. Although he’s been spotted wearing a wedding ring in videos, Sonny has yet to confirm his marriage to his devoted followers. In one instance, his cameraman offered congratulations on his nuptials, yet the identity of his wife remains a tantalizing mystery. Fans are eager to uncover her identity, but until Sonny Side chooses to reveal it, the enigma persists. Nonetheless, it’s widely believed that they are happily married and relishing their journey together.

Regarding his relationship, Sonny has been devoted to his partner

Since the early days of his dating life, Sonny Side has opted to keep his romantic relationships under wraps. However, he frequently injects humor into his YouTube uploads, often joking about his stamina and interactions with his girlfriend.

In a revealing video session back in 2020, where he shared some of his deepest secrets, a curious fan inquired about his relationship status. Sonny coyly responded that he was not single, hinting at being in a committed relationship at the time. However, he remained tight-lipped about the identity of his partner, leaving fans guessing.

During another video, a fan boldly asked Sonny if he had a crush on a woman who appeared alongside him. Initially laughing off the question, Sonny later chose not to divulge further, fearing that his girlfriend might catch wind of the episode. While he refrained from disclosing her name, he dropped a subtle hint to his viewers that he was indeed in a relationship at the time.

Who is Sonny’s Side Wife?

Sonny Side has remained silent about his wife’s identity in spite of repeated questions. But in a video where he talked about how they met, a tidbit of information leaked out that she is Vietnamese.

Although her birthplace, background, and educational history are still unknown, she has made prominent appearances in Sonny’s YouTube videos, which has added an intriguing level of mystery to her identity.

Sonny Side takes frequent trips

Sonny Side’s exploration of various countries’ cuisines while his travels around the world is a prominent aspect of his channel.

In 2024, he embarked on an amazing solo trip across the United States, visiting New York and ending in Maine while sampling some of the most popular dishes along the way. He just gave his audience a delectable demonstration of Puerto Rico’s most ostentatious cuisine. And before that, he gave his audience a fast-paced tour of the Caribbean, showcasing the vivid flavors of the area.

Early Life 

William Sonbuchner, prevalently realized by his stage name Sonny Side, was brought into the world in the little American city of St. Minnesota’s Cloud on August 22, 1984. He will be 39 years of age in 2023 and has the dynamic energy of a Leo, embracing existence with perpetual excitement and imagination. Early on, Sonny shown a passion for storytelling and filmmaking, which would later shape his career choices.

His path into the realm of filmmaking began in his early high school years, when he fell in love with the craft of telling tales on camera and the beauty of movies. Driven by his renewed passion, Sonny enrolled in a professional filmmaking course after high school, prepared to pursue his dreams.

With his talents honed, Sonny set off on a daring journey to South Korea to follow his aspirations of becoming a filmmaker. Sonny’s ability in front of the camera shone in this colorful and lively environment. He gained notoriety as a talented videographer very rapidly, helming engaging web series and music videos that enthralled viewers from all over the world. Sonny’s unwavering dedication and infinite inventiveness catapulted him to success despite starting from scratch in a new setting, gaining him a dedicated fanbase that keeps growing with each new endeavor.


Full/Real nameWilliam Sonbuchner (Sonny Side)
Nick/Popular nameSonny Side
Birth dateAugust 22, 1984
BirthplaceSt. Cloud, Minnesota, USA
Age (As of 2023)39 years old
Zodiac SignLeo
Sexual OrientationStraight
ParentsUpdate Soon
SiblingsUpdate Soon
Marital statusMarried
SpouseNot Disclosed
ChildrenNot Disclosed
Famous ForBeing the daughter of rapper, Nelly
Height5’8″, 176cm
Weight79Kg, 174.165lbs
Eye colorBrown
Hair colorBrown
Body Measurements42–33–39 inch
EducationSauk Rapids-Rice Secondary School (Did not complete university degree)
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer, Filmmaker, Blogger, YouTuber


August 22, 1984, a pleasant summer day, saw the birth of Sonny Side in the quaint city of St. Cloud, which is tucked away in the center of Minnesota, USA.

Body Measurements 

At 185 cm (6 feet 1 inch) tall and with a muscular body weighing about 91 kg (200 lbs), Sonny has an amazing stature. His measurements of 42–33–39 emphasize his athletic frame, giving him a balanced build. His thick brown hair and captivating blue eyes, which seem to attract everyone in their path, only serve to heighten his allure.

Educational Background 

Sonny continued his studies at the University of British Columbia, where he started a path of growth and learning that would serve as the basis for all of his future undertakings.


Sonny Side kicked off his YouTube journey with the launch of the Best Ever Food Review Show (BEFRS) channel in September 2010, although the show’s debut episode hit screens in 2015. Initially, his content spotlighted local markets and Korean street food, gradually broadening to encompass a diverse array of global cuisines. Sonny’s channel swiftly gained traction for its eclectic and exotic food discoveries spanning the globe.

Acclaimed for his alluring demeanor, astute repartee, and daring taste in food, Sonny rapidly emerged as a favorite among fans yearning for exhilarating culinary adventures. His dedication to presenting unusual cuisine and his talent for engaging his audience brought him the esteemed 2020 Webby Award for “People’s Voice: Viral Video of the Year.” This award solidified Sonny’s position as a well-known personality in the YouTube food and travel content industry.

Net Worth

By 2024, Sonny Side should be financially successful beyond measure, with a projected net worth of over $10 million. This incredible accomplishment is a result of his varied filmmaking career, interesting vlogs, and well-thought-out corporate partnerships that result in endorsements and commercials. Sonny’s talent for business has also brought him success in a number of other profitable endeavors, adding to his already substantial wealth.

Sonny’s financial future seems bright as long as he keeps up his professional success and grows his digital presence. In addition to establishing his status as a social media influencer, his talent for relating to audiences across the globe and producing captivating content has opened the door for a thriving commercial enterprise. With such momentum propelling him forward, the future holds endless possibilities for Sonny Side’s financial growth.

Personal Life 

During his globetrotting culinary escapades, Sonny Side has encountered a diverse array of admirers and companions. From the captivating Himba woman in Namibia to the delightful co-hosts who accompany him on his journeys, Sonny’s magnetic charm seems to draw attention wherever he ventures. Sonny has chosen to keep his sexual relationships private, even in the face of sporadic flirtations. He has always kept a distinct division between his personal and professional lives.

In a March 2020 YouTube video, Sonny made a passing reference to a girlfriend, but he withheld other information about his romantic life. But it was clear by June 2021 that Sonny had made the decision to be married. In a video titled “Food Challenge with My Dog! My Wife is Gonna Kill Me!” on his secondary channel, More Best Ever Food Review Show, Sonny casually dropped the bombshell about his marital status.He revealed shortly afterward, in July 2021, that he and his spouse were returning to the United States to start a new chapter in their lives.

Social Media

Sonny Side is a social media powerhouse, commanding a substantial presence across multiple platforms. His main YouTube channel, Best Ever Food Review Show, boasts an impressive 7 million subscribers, while his secondary channel, More Best Ever Food Review Show, has garnered over 300,000 subscribers. On Facebook, Sonny’s Best Ever Food Review Show page has amassed a whopping 1.7 million followers, showcasing his widespread appeal. 

Across other platforms like Instagram and Twitter, Sonny continues to engage with his audience, with his Instagram account (@besteverfoodreviewshow) boasting a follower count of 281,000. Additionally, Sonny maintains personal accounts on Instagram (@instasonnyside) and Facebook (@sonnysidefilms), offering glimpses into his life beyond the realm of food and travel content creation. With such a vast and diverse online presence, Sonny Side remains a prominent figure in the digital landscape, captivating audiences worldwide with his captivating content and infectious personality.

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