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Gracie hunts Net Worth: Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Education, Career, Family, Boyfriend And More

How much is Gracie Hunt’s Net Worth in 2023?

Starting around 2023 Gracie Chase has a total assets of around $3 million.

She is just 23 years old and has proactively acquired around $3 million in her short demonstrating vocation.

Gracie Chase needs to be a wonder powerhouse and work towards her humanitarian interests.

Gracie Chase is the beneficiary to her dad Clark Chase’s $2 billion total assets.

She has two kin Ava Chase and Knobel Chase who are likewise future beneficiaries of the Kansas City Bosses establishment.

The Chase Sports bunch claims the Kansas City Bosses as well as directs activities of the MLS side FC Dallas.

They are likewise establishing financial backer proprietors of Significant Association Soccer itself.

Gracie Hunt Investments

Gracie Chase isn’t straightforwardly associated with speculations notwithstanding, she is essential for the Chase Sports Gathering who are significant financial backers in the Kansas City Bosses establishment. The gathering likewise possesses the MLS side FC Dallas.

Gracie Hunt House

Gracie Chase lives in a luxurious manor in Dallas, Texas with her loved ones. The Chases likewise own a luxurious extravagance suite on the Pointed stone Arena in Missouri. The extravagance suite is three stories high and has six-rooms. The view from the suite offers the ideal view to observe live Kansas City Bosses games.

Gracie Hunt Charity Work

Gracie Chase runs a non-benefit association called Breaking Obstructions Through Sports.

She sorts out foundation occasions frequently to assist with gathering cash and help individuals with scholarly and monetary drawbacks.

Breaking Obstructions Through Sports is committed to advancing inclusivity around the world.

She is likewise a representative for the Exceptional Olympics. She originally became related with the Exceptional Olympics in 2015 when she was a Brought together player on the FC Dallas Extraordinary Olympics group.

Right now, she fills in as a board part for the Southern Texas and Southern Kansas sheets for Exceptional Olympics.

How much is the Hunt family worth and how did they get so rich?

The Chases are the twelfth most extravagant family in the US, as per Forbes.

Worth roughly an incredible $38 billion, went over their fortune because of Clark’s granddad H.L. Chase.

H.L. was an oil wildcatter who ran Chase Oil, the organization was sold out of the family in 2008 to CTO Energy for $4.2 billion in real money and stock.

He is likewise supposed to be the genuine motivation for J.R. Ewing on the 1970s and ’80s megahit television series Dallas.

What do Gracie, Knobel and Ava Hunt do?

He moved on from Southern Methodist College in Dallas, Texas in 1987 with a degree in business organization and an emphasis on money, and presently it appears to be he’s uplifting his kids to emulate his example.

Gracie graduated with a four year college education in sports the board in 2021, and has since proceeded to assist her father with dealing with the Kansas City Bosses while she pursues an experts degree from the College of Kansas.

Knobel is as of now concentrating on finance at SMU, while additionally playing in the men’s soccer group.

Ava Chase, who is right now a senior in secondary school, has as of late shared her choice to likewise go to the school.

While it’s hazy what Ava will review, she is as of now Varsity Cheer Skipper at her secondary school and has shared her arrangements of ideally one day turning into a NFL supporter of her father’s group.

The Hunt family and the Kansas City Chiefs

Both Gracie and Ava archived their tremendous day at the Super Bowl on their Instagram, sharing field-side snaps as the group heated up, prior to going to the celebrity box with the remainder of their family in front of Usher’s half-time execution.

Gracie, 25, wore a perfect yellow overcoat and skirt set to go to the major event, with her family’s keep going name overwhelmed on the rear of her coat, while Ava, 17 selected smooth dark jeans and a Victoria’s Mystery Pink top in Kansas City Bosses red.

The pair, alongside their sibling and guardians went to the field after the large win to celebrate close by their group, with the sisters snapping a couple of pics in the midst of the disarray with genius Taylor Quick.


  1. Gracie Hunt’s net worth in 2023 is estimated to be around $3 million.
  2. The Hunt family’s total net worth is approximately $38 billion, making them one of the wealthiest families in the United States.
  3. Gracie Hunt is involved in philanthropic activities through her non-profit organization, Breaking Barriers Through Sports, which promotes inclusivity worldwide.
  4. The Hunt family made their fortune through the oil business, with H.L. Hunt founding Chase Oil.
  5. Gracie, Knobel, and Ava Hunt are actively involved in education and sports, with Gracie pursuing a master’s degree while assisting her father with managing the Kansas City Chiefs, Knobel studying finance at Southern Methodist University (SMU), and Ava planning to attend college with aspirations of becoming an NFL supporter.
  6. Gracie and Ava Hunt have documented their experiences at events like the Super Bowl on social media, showcasing their involvement with the Kansas City Chiefs.


Gracie Hunt, at 23 years old, has amassed a personal net worth of around $3 million primarily through her modeling career and as an inheritor to her father, Clark Hunt’s, vast wealth. She is part of the wealthy Hunt family, who inherited their fortune from H.L. Hunt, a renowned oil wildcatter. Gracie, along with her siblings Knobel and Ava, is involved in various endeavors, including education and sports. The Hunt family is known for their ownership of the Kansas City Chiefs and FC Dallas, along with significant investments in Major League Soccer.


What is Gracie Hunt’s net worth?

Gracie Hunt’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million as of 2023.

How did the Hunt family become wealthy?

The Hunt family inherited their wealth from H.L. Hunt, who was a successful oil wildcatter and founder of Chase Oil.

What philanthropic work is Gracie Hunt involved in?

Gracie Hunt is involved in philanthropy through her organization, Breaking Barriers Through Sports, which promotes inclusivity globally.

What are Gracie, Knobel, and Ava Hunt currently doing?

Gracie is pursuing a master’s degree while assisting her father with managing the Kansas City Chiefs, Knobel is studying finance at SMU and playing soccer, and Ava is a high school senior planning to attend college with aspirations related to the NFL.

What is the Hunt family’s connection to sports teams?

The Hunt family owns the Kansas City Chiefs and FC Dallas, along with being significant investors in Major League Soccer. They are actively involved in sports management and ownership.

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