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“Age Revealed: Young Mazino’s Journey from Maryland to Tinseltown” Bio Wiki, Height, Net Worth, Family And More…

Actor Young Mazino, a Korean-American, has been in the news recently, particularly for his excellent performance as Paul in the popular Netflix miniseries “Beef” that premiered in 2023. But his victory was not the product of serendipitous circumstance. Mazino has been passionate about acting for a long time and has worked hard to hone his craft.He took part in a variety of performances during his time in college, polishing his craft and earning invaluable experience. Mazino’s outstanding resume, which includes over 15 films and TV programs, is helping him make a name for himself in the business.

Young Mazino Age?

The young Mazino will be 32 in 2024. On August 27, 1991, he was born in the Montgomery Region of Maryland, USA. He exhibits the meticulousness and exhaustiveness of a Virgo.

 Mazino’s Korean roots trace back to his parents, who immigrated to the United States, granting him Korean ethnicity alongside American nationality. While Mazino’s family prefers privacy, he fondly mentions his two elder sisters.

Beyond performing, Mazino has an extensive variety of skills.He is without a doubt a person of numerous abilities, having prepared in old style music and procuring a first-degree dark belt in taekwondo.However, Mazino’s way to progress was diverted in 2013 when he settled on the striking choice to stop the College of Maryland. To additional his acting vocation, he migrated to the clamoring roads of New York City, where he concentrated on acting at the regarded Stella Adler Studio of Acting from 2017 to 2018.

Despite his accomplishments, Mazino is candid about the impact of his decision to leave college, acknowledging in a heartfelt interview with Timid that it occasionally still hurts him.

Who is Young Mazino?

Amidst the difficulties of lockdowns brought on by pandemics, Young set out on a lifelong trip. He set off on an incredible bicycle journey across the United States from the Mexican border to the Canadian border with a close buddy.Young reflected on the trip and recalled how it significantly changed his outlook on life.

Young developed new goals as a result of the journey’s transformational quality. These days, one of his top goals is to go to his ancestral nation of Korea with the same reliable companion, hiking through its varied terrain and taking in its vibrant culture.


Presenting Christopher Young Kim, who performs on stage as Young Mazino.This thirty-two-year-old Korean-American actor has established himself in the entertainment business because to his extraordinary talent and adaptability. He presently resides in Los Angeles, California, and was born on August 27, 1991, in Montgomery County, Maryland. At under 190 pounds (86 kg) and 6 feet (183 cm), Young Mazino stuns crowds with his amazing good looks and charming personality.

He has a background in classical music and is a first-degree black belt in taekwondo, which provides him a unique mix of skills for his acting career. 

He is firmly rooted in his Christian beliefs and has a tight relationship with his two siblings in spite of his prosperity. To remain informed, follow him at @youngmazino on Instagram.

Early Life And Childhood: 

Mazino’s childhood in Maryland consisted of a standard suburban existence. His mother pushed him to pursue different hobbies, such as learning how to play the violin, as he was raised by Korean parents. But things took a turn for the worse when he got to college and struggled with “existential depression.”


Full NameChristopher Young Kim
NicknameYoung Mazino
Date of BirthAugust 27, 1991
Age32 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac SignVirgo
Place of BirthMontgomery County, Maryland, USA
Current ResidenceLos Angeles, California, USA
Height (feet)6’
Height (centimeters)183
Weight (pounds)190
Weight (kilograms)86
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBrown
Relationship StatusSingle

Physical Appearance:

At six feet (183 centimeters) tall, young Mazino has a well-built body and weighs 190 pounds (86 kilograms). His enticing brown eyes and stunning black hair contribute to his engaging on-screen and off-screen persona.

Young Mazino Education: 

While Mazino believed that college would lead to success, he felt as though he had reached a dead end. There was a persistent, nagging sense that something was lacking. Then it struck him like a ton of bricks: acting was his actual calling. It was as though a mental switch flicked, rendering the hours he had spent in class meaningless.

He boldly ventured to the concrete jungle that is New York City in 2014, having left behind his undergraduate education. Mazino worked hard, juggling various jobs to pay the bills—from employment at skincare companies to whatever came his way. Though it wasn’t the glitzy beginning he had hoped for, a guy had to eat, right?

Despite the grind, he never lost sight of his passion. Auditions became his lifeline, each rejection fueling his determination even more. Because when your heart is set on something, you don’t let setbacks dim your shine. For Mazino, that something was acting.

Young Mazino Career: 

Before little Mazino appeared on Hollywood screens, his path to fame featured some unforeseen detours. Prior to his breakthrough performance in Netflix’s “Beef,” he went by a different identify. He decided to change things after becoming a member of the Screen Actors Guild in 2018. He was fed up with his original name making him fit in with the crowd, so he took inspiration from a character in the Korean manhwa “Tower of God” and changed it to Mazino while preserving his middle name.

But before the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, Mazino’s days were spent as a Surf Rescue Technician in Maryland. A far cry from the lights of the big screen, but it was all part of his journey. A brief stint as a Business Intelligence Analyst for Fresh Beauty added another chapter to his story.

Then, the big move to New York City to chase his acting dreams. From performing in live theater to snagging minor roles in shorts and TV series, Mazino hustled hard. His career didn’t really take off until he was cast as Paul Cho in “Beef”. He was thrust into the public eye by the series, which also brought him praise from critics and a Primetime Emmy nomination. He’s no longer just a face in the throng. 

Mazino’s making waves in Hollywood, even making a memorable cameo in SZA’s music video alongside none other than Justin Beiber. From Surf Rescue Technician to Emmy-nominated actor, Mazino’s journey is proof that dreams do come true with perseverance and a little bit of luck.

TV series and movies starring Young Mazino :

In his early career, he played small parts in a number of films, including “Digging” (2013), in which he played a young guy. His resume grew over time as a result of his roles in live theater, TV shows, and short films. Among these were notable appearances in “Blindspot” (2016) as Armored Guard #2 and “Blue Bloods” (2019) as Officer Andy Chen, which demonstrated his versatility in playing a variety of characters in a variety of genres.

In 2023, Mazino made his big break as Paul Cho in the critically praised Netflix series “Beef”. His riveting performance brought him recognition from critics and an Emmy nomination, propelling him into the spotlight in Hollywood. Mazino worked in television, but he also experimented with the music industry. A brief cameo in SZA’s “Snooze” music video in 2023 expanded his artistic horizons even more.

Apart from his roles in films and television, Mazino is widely recognized for his theatrical contributions in plays such as “Good Boy” and “The Wood Thrush.” His dedication to his craft and ability to completely embody a range of parts have solidified his reputation as a talented and versatile actor.

With a wide variety of parts, including “Foundation” and “Trinity’s Triumph,” Mazino never fails to enthrall viewers with his subtle acting and alluring demeanor. He is still a fascinating character in the entertainment business, ready to leave a lasting impression on any job he takes on as he advances through his career.

Young Mazino Net Worth: 

Young Mazino, the talk of the town in entertainment circles, is rumored to have amassed quite the fortune, reportedly crossing the million-dollar mark. While his acting skills undoubtedly play a significant role in this financial success, it’s essential to remember that these figures can fluctuate over time.

However, let’s not solely focus on the money. True success for Young goes beyond the digits in his bank account. What really makes him stand out is his unwavering love for acting and his steadfast commitment to perfecting his trade.

Despite the financial cushion, Young’s drive clearly stems from his love for performing. While the prospect of financial stability opens up exciting opportunities, his primary motivation remains his deep-seated passion for his art.

It will be interesting to watch how Young’s net worth changes and what ground-breaking endeavors he takes on next as we follow his path. Whatever his financial situation, one thing is certain: Young Mazino will always be a rising star in the entertainment world because of his undying dedication to his work.

Personal information: 

It wasn’t an impulsive choice when Christopher Young Kim chose to adopt the stage name “Young Mazino.” It was a purposeful decision that represented his intense commitment to both his work and his art. He seems to be saying, “I’m ready to make a mark, and I’m all in,” to the entire world.

Parents Young Mazino: 

American citizen Christopher Young Kim, better known by his stage name Young Mazino, was born in Montgomery County, Maryland. But in the context given, particular details about his parents are not easily accessible.

Young Mazino Siblings: 

Young Mazino has two older sisters, however the material presented does not go into greater detail about them.


Judging by his social media posts, Young Mazino seems to be content with his single status right now. He hasn’t revealed any details about his love pursuits, but he has been transparent about giving followers a peek into his everyday life. Even while the dating environment is still mysterious, he’s all about giving his fans a flavor of his world, from moments spent with family and friends to snippets of his interests.

Social Media Accounts: 

Young Mazino engages and entertains his fans on Instagram via the @youngmazino account. Whether it’s by sharing behind-the-scenes pictures from his acting endeavors, letting viewers inside his personal life, or simply connecting with his followers, his Instagram gives a glimpse into his world.

You may keep up with Young Mazino on Instagram for further information about his life and developments.


Birth Name: Christopher Young Kim

Stage Name: Young Mazino

Date of Birth: August 27, 1991

Age: 32 years old (as of 2023)

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Place of Birth: Montgomery County, Maryland, USA

Current Residence: Los Angeles, California, USA

Nationality: Korean-American

Ethnicity: Asian

Religion: Christianity

Sexuality: Straight

Height: 6 feet (183 cm)

Weight: 190 pounds (86 kg)

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Siblings: 2

Relationship Status: Single

Profession: Actor

Instagram: @youngmazino


Christopher Young Kim, known professionally as Young Mazino, is a 32-year-old Korean-American actor born on August 27, 1991, in Montgomery County, Maryland, USA. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California. With a background in classical music and a first-degree black belt in taekwondo, Young Mazino brings a unique blend of skills to his acting career. Despite leaving college to pursue acting full-time, he remains candid about the impact of that decision. His breakthrough role came as Paul Cho in the Netflix series “Beef” (2023), earning him critical acclaim and a Primetime Emmy nomination.


1.What is Young Mazino’s real name?

Christopher Young Kim.

2.What is Young Mazino’s date of birth?

August 27, 1991.

3.Where was Young Mazino born?

Montgomery County, Maryland, USA.

4.What is Young Mazino’s height and weight?

Height: 6 feet (183 cm), Weight: 190 pounds (86 kg).

5.Is Young Mazino single?

Yes, he is currently single according to available information.

6.What is Young Mazino’s profession?

He is an actor.

7.What is Young Mazino’s Instagram handle?


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