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B. Simone’s Net Worth Exposed: What You Need to Know Bio Wiki, Age, Education, Career, Family And More…

The talented comic B. Simone is said to be worth $4 million. Her role in the hit TV show Wild ‘n Out has helped her get a good deal of recognition as an actor and social media celebrity. Born Berlin Simone, she’s also the star of the reality show You Are My Boyfriend and made waves on Girls Cruise back in 2019.

But her TV appearances don’t stop there. You might have caught her on game shows like Hip Hop Squares, or on shows like Dish Nation and Ridiculousness. It seems like entertainment was in her blood from the get-go! Oh, and while we’re talking about net worth, you might want to look into Whitney Cummings’ net worth too!

B Simone Net Worth

As of 2024, B. Simone has a comfortable net worth of $4 million. One of the best comedians around, she makes about $24,000 a month. Her parts in comedies and movies, where she really shines, provide the majority of her income. She has carved out a successful career for herself via ability and perseverance.

She makes over $300,000 a year on average, which shows how successful she has grown. It’s understandable why B. Simone is regarded as one of the best comedians working today with such remarkable profits. IMDB, Forbes, Wikipedia, and other trustworthy sites all report that her net worth is still a whopping $4 million.

B. Simone’s Increased Net Worth

Over time, B. Simone’s net worth has progressively grown. From a predicted $2.5 million in 2019 to an incredible $4.0 million by 2024, its value skyrocketed. Her yearly pay increases are a consistent indicator of her rising power and influence in the entertainment sector.

Who is B Simone?

B. Simone, a well-known American YouTuber, performer, and force in virtual entertainment, has been in the news recently for a variety of reasons.

Her talent, humor, and genuine nature never fail to captivate viewers, enabling her to retain a substantial following in the virtual entertainment industry and pursue a prosperous career.


On April 5, 1990, in Dallas, Texas, USA, B. Simone—an American singer, rapper, social media phenomenon, and actress—was born. She enthusiastically identifies as American, having her roots deep in the country.

Early Life And Childhood 

On April 5, 1990, Braelyn Simone was born in Dallas, Texas, USA. Her parents are pastors.She had to deal with her parents’ divorce when she was a young child. Even though she and her stepmother didn’t always get along, she found strength in her. She eventually discovered forgiveness within her heart.

Braelyn demonstrated her wide range of abilities at a young age by dabbling in comedy, acting, music, producing, directing, and more. She finds inspiration in well-known people like Drake, whose music has had a profound effect on her.

In matters of the heart, Braelyn’s romantic journey has had its twists and turns. She started dating Darian Barns in 2019, but their relationship eventually came to an end. Later, she caught the public eye by being romantically linked with rapper DaBaby. Despite rumors of a proposal, Braelyn clarified in an interview that she’s never been in a serious relationship.


Full NameBraelyn Simone
Popular NameB. Simone
Birth DateApril 5, 1990
Age34 years old
ParentsFather is a pastor, mother’s information not provided
SiblingsSister named Jordyn
Birth PlaceDallas, Texas, United States
Marital StatusSingle
Sexual OrientationStraight
Dating HistoryDated Darian Barnes in 2019, linked to NFL player Chris Smith in 2021
Net Worth$4 million
Source of WealthActress, singer, entrepreneur, social media influencer
Height5 feet 4 inches or 163 cm
Weight65 kg or 143 pounds

B Simone Age 

As of 2024, Braelyn Simone, also known as B. Simone, would be 34 years old, assuming her birthdate remains April 5, 1990.

Body Measurements 

She weighs roughly sixty-two kg, or one hundred and thirty pounds, in kilograms. Her measurements are equally impressive: 40-30-42 inches, or 101-76-106 centimeters. But her striking black hair and rich, dark brown eyes only draw attention to her inherent beauty.

B Simone Education 

B. Simone’s high school graduation was a significant turning point in her academic career. Regarding her history, she identifies as African American with pride, and she practices Christianity.

B Simone Career 

Simone is a really gifted musician who is winning people over with her rapping and singing. Her unique rhyming technique attracts a lot of followers, but her voice has won her millions of lovers as well.She has put out a lot of songs and mixtapes throughout the years, but her solo tunes often get the most praise and acclaim. She took the risky choice to go to Atlanta, Georgia, from her hometown of Dallas, Texas, to pursue her career as a rapper and performer.

In America, after diving into comedy, B. Simone quickly captured people’s hearts and became an internet sensation. Her videos were shared by millions, propelling her to celebrity status. She’s a rising star, tirelessly working towards even greater fame and success. Along the way, she’s been part of hosting gigs like 106 Days and the Sundance Election’s Digitalvesmetter B.

Simone just released her most recent album, “Stack Now Cry Later,” and it’s been incredibly well-received for both its content and her distinctive vocal style. It’s a motivating record that embodies her conviction that life’s possibilities are endless. For her, achieving success is about being content with whatever you have, not only with becoming wealthy.

In August 2018, she kicked off her comedy show titled “You Are My Boyfriend,” featuring some familiar faces like her ex-colleague Darren Brand and her fellow cast member from DC Bank. It’s been a journey filled with laughter, growth, and endless possibilities for B. Simone.

For the popular Zeus network series “My Boyfriend,” which debuted in 2019, B. Simone and Veena E reunited. In addition to her TV endeavors, she expanded her career description by adding “author” to it once her book “Baby Girl Manifest: The Life You Want” was published. Her happiness was tempered, though, when she started receiving plagiarism allegations on social media. Some portions in her book were allegedly stolen verbatim from the internet and other publications.

Highlights of Your Career

B. Simone has been making waves in the entertainment industry with her diverse talents. From hosting shows like “106 Days” and appearing in the Sundance Election’s “Digitalvesmetter B,” to starting her own comedy show titled “You Are My Boyfriend” in August 2018, she’s been keeping busy.

Recently, she dropped her latest album, “Stack Now Cry Later,” which has garnered praise for its inspiring lyrics and her unique singing style. In an interview, she shared her belief that the sky’s not the limit, hinting at her relentless pursuit of success.

In 2019, she reunited with Veena E for another hit show called “My Boyfriend,” aired on the Zeus network. However, amidst her accomplishments, there were challenges. Simone faced accusations of plagiarism on social media platforms regarding her book “Baby Girl Manifest: The Life You Want.”

But B. Simone isn’t just about entertainment. She’s also a savvy entrepreneur, having founded B. Simone Beauty. With her background as a comedian, actress, musician, and licensed cosmetologist, she’s created a brand that offers lip glosses in 11 shades, along with gift sets and makeup pouches. Plus, she generously shares beauty tips and tricks on her YouTube channel, showcasing her passion for beauty and business alike.

Business Initiatives

With the launch of her cosmetics company, B. Simone exhibits her entrepreneurial flare and opens up a thrilling new chapter in her career. It’s about her enthusiasm for business and her desire to pursue new opportunities for success, not simply cosmetics. This endeavor demonstrates her business acumen as well as her will to increase her financial opportunities.

Disputations and Obstacles

B. Simone’s journey hasn’t always been easy. She was put in a difficult situation in 2020 after her book was widely publicized in the media and accused of including plagiarism. She has showed incredible perseverance in the face of the setback and the criticism, moving on and carrying on with her development and career success.

Personal Life

In terms of romance, B. Simone is now operating alone. She has, nonetheless, previously been connected to a few well-known figures. She was spotted with American actor Darian Barnes back in 2019, which led to romance speculations.

She then gained popularity once again in 2020 when she began dating American rapper Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, best known by his stage name Dababy. Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be, and they eventually split up, even though their love made headlines.

Family of B Simone

It is known that B. Simone’s father is a pastor, but not much is known about her mother.


B. Simone is known to have a sister named Jordyn. Regretfully, Jordyn keeps a low profile in comparison to her well-known sister, thus there isn’t a lot of specific information accessible regarding her personal life or career. Even if their relationship’s intricacies are not well known, it is clear that they have a strong sibling bond.


After dating for three years, B. Simone and well-known actor Darian Barnes sealed the marriage in 2019, beginning their journey together and winning hearts along the way. B. Simone was delighted to have Darian, a well-known actor and model, in her life.

On the well-known reality program “You Are My Boyfriend,” where they revealed their love story with the public, their relationship even took center stage. But after five years of marriage, they had some difficult times together, which ultimately resulted in their divorce.

But while one chapter came to an end, another one started, with B. Simone falling in love once more—this time with well-renowned rapper Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, better known by his stage name Dababy. After their romance developed, Dababy asked her to marry him in a touching scene from “Wild ‘N Out.”Rapper B. Simone’s career took off once she dropped the smash single “Find My Way.”

On June 9, 2020, though, she revealed that she had been unmarried for the previous seven months when making a visit on Nick Cannon’s Power 106 radio show. 

She stated that she yearned for a mate that genuinely understood and appreciated her despite her achievements.

Unfortunately, her comments about preferring an entrepreneur over someone with a traditional nine-to-five job sparked controversy on social media. B. Simone faced backlash but later clarified that she respected all professions and simply desired a partner who shared her entrepreneurial spirit. She apologized for any misunderstanding, emphasizing that she valued hard work regardless of the profession.


To the best of the public domain, B. Simone is childless. Her current priorities appear to be her professional development and personal progress.

Social Media Accounts 

Instagram: @thebsimone 

Twitter: @TheBSimone 

B. Simone is easily reachable on a number of social networking sites.Under the account @thebsimone, she has 6.1 million followers on Instagram since she started sharing her story there in June 2014. 

She can also be found tweeting on Twitter, where she has 262.2K loyal followers and has been active since April 2012. Her handle is @TheBSimone. 

If you’re more of a Facebook lover, you can follow her there as well, where she has 1.7 million fans and often posts updates and observations.


1.Net Worth:B. Simone’s net worth has seen a steady rise over the years, reaching $4 million in 2024.

2..Career Diversity:She’s not just a comedian; B. Simone is also a singer, rapper, social media influencer, actress, and entrepreneur.

3. TV Appearances: B. Simone has appeared on various TV shows, including “Wild ‘n Out,” “You Are My Boyfriend,” and “Girls Cruise.”

4. Entrepreneurship: She’s the founder of B. Simone Beauty, showcasing her business acumen beyond entertainment.

5. Plagiarism Controversy: In 2020, she faced accusations of plagiarism regarding her book, “Baby Girl Manifest: The Life You Want.”

6.Relationships: B. Simone has been romantically linked with actor Darian Barnes and rapper DaBaby.


B. Simone’s journey from Dallas, Texas to becoming a multi-talented entertainer with a $4 million net worth has been marked by success, challenges, and controversies. From her early days dabbling in various fields to her rise in the entertainment industry, she’s shown resilience and determination. Despite facing setbacks like plagiarism allegations, she continues to evolve and grow both personally and professionally.


What is B. Simone’s net worth?

B. Simone’s net worth is estimated to be $4 million in 2024.

What TV shows has B. Simone appeared on?

She has appeared on shows like “Wild ‘n Out,” “You Are My Boyfriend,” “Girls Cruise,” and more.

What controversies has B. Simone faced?

In 2020, she faced accusations of plagiarism regarding her book, “Baby Girl Manifest: The Life You Want.”

Who has B. Simone been romantically linked with?

B. Simone has been linked with actor Darian Barnes and rapper DaBaby.

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