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“Laura Marie Holtzmann: A Journey of Faith and Privacy”

Introduction :

Laura Marie Holtzmann was born on April 5, 1968. Her parents are Dave Meyer, the spouse of well-known speaker Joyce Meyer, and themselves. Laura grew up in the spotlight, but she has managed to establish herself in the media. She’s a well-known celebrity in America. Like her mother, she participates actively in her family’s ministry.

Despite her long history of ministry involvement dating back to her early childhood, 55-year-old Laura would rather stay out of the spotlight. She enjoys her privacy and leads a more somber, understated life away from the spotlight.

Who is Laura Marie Holtzmann ?

Joyce Meyer, a prominent person in the American Charismatic Christian community, is the mother of Laura Marie Holtzmann.Joyce Meyer has become well-known as the president of Joyce Meyer Ministries and as a well-known author. Her spiritual journey began when she experienced a significant spiritual transformation at the young age of nine.

Bio :

Laura Marie Holtzmann has become quite a recognizable face in American celebrity circles, largely due to her connection as the daughter of the esteemed figure, Joyce Meyer.Joyce Meyer is well-known as the founder of Joyce Meyer Ministries, a Christian author, and an American speaker. Laura, the oldest of her mother’s daughters, has been instrumental from an early age in her ministry.

You’ll often find Holtzmann lending a hand alongside her siblings and mother, particularly in the endeavors of the “Hands of Hope” initiative within Joyce Meyer Ministries. Through this outreach program, they extend their compassion to those in need across the globe, traveling to regions like Asia and Africa to offer aid to victims of various natural disasters, including floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, and other crises.

Early life childhood Laura Marie Holtzmann :

Laura Marie Holtzmann is a familiar face in American celebrity circles, largely thanks to her lineage as the daughter of Joyce Meyer and Dave Meyer. Her father is a respected American preacher, teacher, writer, and evangelical pastor, while her mother, Joyce, is renowned in her own right for her ministry work. Laura’s journey into the spotlight began early on, as she grew up immersed in her mother’s ministry.

Beyond her family’s influential legacy, Laura pursued her education like any other American teenager. She graduated from high school in her home state before continuing her studies at a local Christian college in California.


Full NameLaura Marie Holtzmann
Famous asDaughter of Joyce Meyer
Age54 years old as of 2022
Date of BirthApril 5, 1968
Place of BirthUnited States of America
Zodiac signAries
SiblingsDaniel B. Meyer, David Meyer, Sandra Ellen McCollom
ParentsJoyce Meyer, Dave Meyer

Age Laura Marie Holtzmann :

Laura Marie Holtzmann, born on April 5, 1968, in the United States, celebrated her 55th birthday in 2023. Every year on April 5th, she marks another year of life, born under the zodiac sign of Aries.

Height Laura Marie Holtzmann :

Marie is a woman with a moderate build and average height. Her height is approximately five feet seven inches.

Education Laura Marie Holtzmann :

School Local High School in Hometown

College, University Local Christian College in California

High Qualification Graduation

Once Laura Marie Holtzmann completed high school and received her diploma, she was eager to continue her education. She decided to attend a nearby Christian college in California. After dedicating herself to her studies there, she proudly graduated from the institution, furthering her knowledge and skills.

Career Laura Marie Holtzmann:

Laura Marie is a familiar face on American television, known for her celebrity status as Joyce Meyer’s daughter. Her mother, Joyce Meyer, is a multi-talented individual well-known for her work as a ministry president, writer, speaker, and teacher. Because of her public image, Laura has accumulated an estimated net worth of $1 to $5 million. 

 Despite her public persona, Laura prefers to keep details about her marital life private.

Net worth Laura Marie Holtzmann :

I was curious about the monthly earnings of a well-known American television celebrity like Laura Marie and how she makes her money.Her primary source of income seems to be her earnings from her work as a television personality. Her estimated net worth in 2023 might be anywhere between $1 and $5 million.

Personal life Laura Marie Holtzmann :

Joyce Meyer, Laura Holtzmann’s mother, has left a lasting impression on the evangelism community. Her journey started at the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod congregation Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in St. Louis. It was there that she fell in love with teaching, beginning with early-morning Bible studies in a local cafeteria.

As her influence grew, Joyce became deeply involved in Life Christian Center, a vibrant charismatic church located in Fenton.In a matter of years, her unwavering devotion and hard work earned her the position of associate pastor, which is a testament to her spiritual acumen and leadership abilities. Joyce’s rise from lowly beginnings to a prominent role within the evangelical community is evidence of her steadfast faith and willpower.

Joyce Meyer’s gift as a Bible teacher contributed greatly to her church’s transformation into one of the area’s most charismatic congregations, in addition to enriching its spiritual life. She reached out farther than the walls of the church by doing a daily 15-minute radio show on a St. Louis radio station.

1943 saw the birth of Pauline Joyce Hutchison in the heart of south St. Louis. Joyce has experienced both triumphs and disappointments in her life. Her father’s World War II enlistment in the army shortly after her birth started a series of traumatic events.

 Joyce candidly discusses the devastating reality of her father’s return in interviews, detailing the terrible battle she faced as a result of sexual abuse.

 These experiences, which she bravely discusses in her meetings, have shaped her resilience and commitment to helping others overcome adversity.

Despite her global influence, Joyce Meyer remains connected to her roots, retaining the authentic St. Louis working-class accent that reflects her down-to-earth nature.

Brother and sister :

Laura grew up in a warm and bustling household, surrounded by her parents and three siblings: David L. Meyer, Sandra Ellen McCollum, and Daniel B. Meyer. As the eldest sibling, David pursued his passion for faith by earning a degree from Christ to the World Bible School. He now wears multiple hats as a pastor and the CEO of Hand of Hope Outreach, where he dedicates himself to overseas humanitarian work. Despite his busy schedule, David finds joy in his family life, relishing in the role of a loving grandfather.

Sandra, the second daughter, also found her calling in ministry, leading as a pastor at Living Word Church. Besides her pastoral duties, she has made her mark as an author and delights in the joys of motherhood with her two children.

The youngest of the siblings, Daniel, carries on the family’s legacy of preaching and serves as the CEO of U.S. Operations for Joyce Meyer Ministries. With a deep sense of dedication to their faith and service, Laura’s siblings embody the values instilled in them by their parents, enriching their community and carrying forward their family’s spiritual heritage.

Family Laura Marie Holtzmann :

Laura Marie Holtzmann’s parents are Joyce Meyer and Dave Meyer.On April 5, 1968, she was born in the Missouri suburbs of St. Louis. As the presidents of Joyce Meyer Ministries, both of her parents are actively involved in the ministry.

Relationship Laura Marie Holtzmann: 

Laura Marie Holtzmann is happily married, although she prefers to keep details about her husband private. She values her privacy when it comes to personal matters. If any information about her husband becomes available publicly, we’ll be sure to share it with you.

Social media Laura Marie Holtzmann :



  • Birth and Family: Laura Marie Holtzmann was born on April 5, 1968, in the suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri. She is the daughter of Joyce Meyer and Dave Meyer, both of whom are prominent figures in the evangelical community.
  • Upbringing: Laura grew up alongside her three siblings: David L. Meyer, Sandra Ellen McCollum, and Daniel B. Meyer. They were all actively involved in their family’s ministry from a young age.
  • Education: After completing high school, Laura pursued her education at a local Christian college in California, where she graduated.
  • Career: Laura is a well-known television personality, having carved out her own niche in the media world. She has been actively involved in her family’s ministry, particularly in the “Hands of Hope” initiative.
  • Privacy: Despite her public persona, Laura prefers to keep details about her personal life, including her marital status, private.
  • Net Worth: Laura’s estimated net worth is between $1 to $5 million, primarily earned through her work as a television personality.


Born into a family with a strong ministry background, Laura Marie Holtzmann is a well-known television personality. She appreciates her privacy and would rather keep her private life hidden from prying eyes, even though she was raised in the spotlight. Laura has a thriving career and a loving family that enable her to keep changing the media landscape and improving her community.


1.Who are Laura Marie Holtzmann’s parents?

Laura’s parents are Joyce Meyer and Dave Meyer, both of whom are influential figures in the evangelical community.

2.What is Laura Marie Holtzmann’s net worth?

Laura’s estimated net worth ranges from $1 to $5 million, primarily earned through her work as a television personality.

3.Is Laura Marie Holtzmann married?

While Laura is happily married, she prefers to keep details about her husband private.

4.What is Laura Marie Holtzmann’s educational background?

Laura completed her high school education in her hometown and furthered her studies at a local Christian college in California, where she graduated.

5.What is Laura Marie Holtzmann’s career?

Laura is a well-known television personality, known for her involvement in her family’s ministry and her work in the media industry.

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