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Especially as host of ABC World News Tonight with David Muir and the investigative program 20/20, esteemed journalist David Muir has been a mainstay on ABC News. Ithaca College alumnus Muir gained rapid notoriety as his program became the country’s most viewed news program. From the busy streets of Tehran to the chaotic Tahrir Square in Cairo, and even to conflict-ridden locations like Mogadishu and Gaza, his reporting has led him to many parts of the world.

For his thorough year-long reporting on America’s heroin pandemic, Muir was awarded the esteemed CINE Golden Eagle Award in 2016. He has established himself as one of the top journalists in the field because of his dedication to researching and covering important topics.

Is David Muir gay?

Regarding David Muir’s sexual orientation, there have been circulating speculations, with some suggesting that he may be gay. Muir has never publicly responded to these accusations, though. He was purportedly spotted going to homosexual clubs with a few individuals, which fueled more speculations about his personal life and gave the claims more impetus. Muir has kept his sexual orientation a secret, thus the public is still unaware of it despite the speculations.

Who is David Muir?

David Muir, the previous overseeing manager of ABC, is a broadly regarded figure in the American media. He has almost a decade of involvement as the anchor of ABC’s Reality News and co-host of 20/20. Muir has received numerous awards for his dedication to excellence, including the Edward R. Murrow and Emmy Grants, which are given to meriting columnists.


David Muir was born in Syracuse, New York, and showed a keen interest in journalism at an early age. Following studies and internships at Ithaca College and abroad in Spain, he started a lucrative journalistic career. After joining ABC News in 2003, Muir gained notoriety fast as the anchor of World News Now, demonstrating his aptitude for reporting.

Early Life 

David Muir was reared in a Catholic household on Onondaga Hill in Syracuse, New York, his hometown. He is quite close to both his younger step-siblings and his sister, who is only a year older. Muir has three nephews and six nieces, so family get-togethers are really exciting events for her. Growing up, Muir’s family often gathered to watch ABC News together in the evenings, with revered anchor Peter Jennings serving as an inspiration. His father, Ronald Muir, and mother, Pat Mills, had a significant influence on his morals and upbringing.


Full NameDavid Jason Muir
BirthdateNovember 8, 1973
Age50 years (as of March 2024)
BirthplaceSyracuse, New York, United States
ResidenceSkaneateles Lake, New York, United States
Height1.8 m (5’11”)
WeightApprox. 170 lbs. (77 kg)
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
FatherRonald Muir
MotherPat Mills
SiblingsRebecca Muir
High SchoolOnondaga Central Junior-Senior High School, NY
High School QualificationHigh School Diploma (1991)
CollegeIthaca College, NY
College QualificationBA Degree in Journalism (1995)
Net worth: 
$20 million
Years Active1990s – Present
TelevisionABC World News Tonight (2007 – Present)
20/20 (2013 – Present)

David Muir Age 

On November 8, 1973, in Syracuse, New York, David Muir was born.His parents are Pat Mills and Ronald Muir. In the year 2024, David, who is now fifty years old, is still leaving his impact on the journalism industry.

Body Measurements 

David is approximately 1.8 meters, or five feet ten and three-quarter inches, tall. His warm brown eyes and hair go well together, contributing to his endearing and affable personality.

Educational Background 

After completing his studies at Onondaga Central Junior-Senior High School in May 1991, David enrolled at Ithaca College. He pursued his love of journalism there and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in May 1995. His high school career in journalism started when he interned at Syracuse’s WTVH-TV, setting the groundwork for his future profession. Around this time, a supportive teacher saw David’s potential and commented on his innate ability to anchor television news. Adding to his aspirations, David spent a semester honing his political journalism abilities at Georgetown University’s Fund for American Studies Institute. He further expanded his views by spending a semester overseas at the University of Salamanca in Spain, where he immersed himself in a global learning environment through the Institute for International Education of Students.

David Muir Career 

David Muir filled in as a writer and anchor for Syracuse, New York’s WTVH-television from 1994 until 2000. He got many distinctions from the Radio-television News Chiefs Relationship for his remarkable detailing when Israeli Top state leader Yitzhak Rabin died. Muir was also honored by the Associated Press for his excellent investigative reporting and television interviews.In addition, the Syracuse Press Club honored him as one of the city’s “Best Local News Anchors” and “Best Local Newscast Anchor” for his achievements.

In 2000, Muir relocated to Boston to serve as a stand-in anchor and journalist for WCVB television; yet, his quality of work persisted throughout. He received the regional Edward R. Murrow Award, the Associated Press Award, and the National Headliner Award for his diligent work reporting the aftermath of the September 11 attacks. Murrow Prize. He got acknowledgment from the Related Press for his detailing and mooring work.

In August 2003, Muir started working for ABC News as the host of the World News Now evening show. He also served as the morning anchor for World News This Morning, formerly known as America This Morning. As his duties at ABC News grew over time, Muir’s role finally became anchor of World News Saturday in June 2007. Later, in February 2012, he was promoted to weekend anchor and co-anchored the evening news show, which was then titled World News with David Muir. Muir’s efforts helped to increase the ratings of the Sunday night telecast.In March 2013, he had the honor of being selected to co-anchor ABC’s 20/20 alongside Elizabeth Vargas.

Honors and Acknowledgments

David Muir has won other major accolades throughout the years in addition to his Emmys. These include the revered National Headliner Award, the 60th CINE Golden Eagle Award for his compelling reporting on the heroin crisis on “20/20,” and the highly acclaimed Edward R. Murrow Awards. Muir has also received recognition from the Associated Press, which strengthens his standing as a reputable journalist in the industry.

Net Worth And Monthly Salary 

David has an amazing $20 million net worth because of his constant commitment to his work as a journalist and news caster. He gives his all to his profession on World News Tonight and 20/20. While ABC has not made his pay publicly available, there are reports that he makes between $5 and $7 million a year.

With his large riches, David has made outstanding real estate investments. Even though he works in the busy metropolis of New York City, he likes to live a little distance outside of it when he’s not traveling between studios. One of his most prized possessions is an exquisite vacation home on Skaneateles Lake, New York, where he enjoys peaceful retreats with his cherished dog, Axel. Built in 1890, this 4,300-square-foot historic home features six bedrooms, two kitchens, three baths, and an exquisite fireplace, according to records from the Onondaga County Clerk.It’s the ideal setting for David to relax in elegance with his cherished animal companion.

Private Life 

In one particularly notable piece, Kate Dries, the deputy editor of Jezebel, revealed that she had dated the World News Tonight anchor once. She seemed to be speaking highly of the anchor in her article and making hints about a deeper relationship between them. But the anchor decided to keep quiet and refrained from commenting on the relationship rumors in spite of the attention the item garnered. Similar to the allegations regarding his sexual orientation, he chose to remain silent about his personal affairs and refrained from addressing the conjecture over his romantic life.

Family of David Muir 

Though little is known about his parents, Ronald Muir and Pat Mills, it is evident that David Muir has a close and loving relationship with them. Occasionally, the endearing TV personality shares heartwarming photos of his parents on his Instagram page, showcasing their strong bond.

David calls his group of three nephews and six nieces his “squad.” His parents, his older brother, and his two younger step-siblings are all featured on his Instagram account. These postings highlight David’s family’s significance in his life.

Regarding his marital status, David would rather not discuss specifics about his personal life in public. As a result, not much information on his marriage or other relationships is available.


David Muir’s sister is Rebecca Muir. Despite the lack of public knowledge about her, it’s obvious that she plays a significant role in David’s family. They are probably quite close, as many siblings are, but not many people are aware of the specifics of Rebecca’s life.


Since David Muir is such a well-known person, people are bound to be curious about his love life. But when it comes to his intimate connections, he keeps things quiet, leaving fans and the public in suspense.

David would rather keep things private, even if there are sporadic whispers about who he could be dating. Therefore, even while there may occasionally be conjecture, there is typically no concrete evidence to back up these claims.

Social Media 

Providing viewers with the latest news events, David Muir has been anchoring ABC World News Tonight since 2007. Furthermore, in 2013 he was promoted to co-host the popular investigative journalism show 20/20. To keep awake to date on his own and proficient undertakings, follow him on Facebook and Instagram, where he goes by the handle @davidmuirabc and shares experiences and in the background looks into his life and work.


  • Birth and Early Life: David Muir was born on November 8, 1973, in Syracuse, New York, to parents Ronald Muir and Pat Mills. He grew up in a Catholic household on Onondaga Hill, where he developed an interest in journalism from a young age.
  • Education: After graduating from Onondaga Central Junior-Senior High School in 1991, Muir attended Ithaca College, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism in 1995. He also pursued studies at Georgetown University’s Fund for American Studies Institute and the University of Salamanca in Spain.
  • Career Highlights: Muir began his journalism career as a reporter and anchor at WTVH-television in Syracuse, New York, before moving to WCVB television in Boston. In 2003, he joined ABC News, where he has since anchored programs like World News Now, World News Saturday, and 20/20.
  • Professional Recognition: Muir has received numerous awards throughout his career, including Emmys, Edward R. Murrow Awards, and the prestigious CINE Golden Eagle Award for his reporting on America’s heroin epidemic.
  • Personal Life: Muir is notoriously private about his personal life, including his romantic relationships. Despite rumors and speculations, he has never publicly addressed questions about his sexual orientation or dating life.


Prestigious writer David Muir is principally perceived for his work co-facilitating 20/20 and introducing ABC World News This evening. Muir has had a long and productive profession as a columnist. He has won awards for his outstanding reporting and commitment to the field. His private life is kept secret despite his professional success, which fuels rumors about his love connections and sexual orientation.


1. Is David Muir gay?

Despite rumors and speculation about his sexual orientation, David Muir has never publicly addressed questions about his personal life, including his sexual orientation. He prefers to keep his personal affairs private.

2. Who are David Muir’s parents?

David Muir’s parents are Ronald Muir and Pat Mills. He has a close and loving relationship with them, often sharing photos of them on his social media accounts.

3. Does David Muir have siblings?

Yes, David Muir has a sister named Rebecca Muir. While not much is known about her publicly, it’s evident that she plays a significant role in David’s family life.

4. What awards has David Muir won?

David Muir has won numerous awards throughout his career, including Emmy Awards, Edward R. Murrow Awards, and the CINE Golden Eagle Award for his reporting on America’s heroin epidemic.

5. Where can I follow David Muir on social media?

You can follow David Muir on Instagram and Facebook under the handle @davidmuirabc to stay updated on his personal and professional endeavors.

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