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Who is Renni Rucci Kids? Bio Wiki, Age, Career, Personal Life, Social Media And More…

Renni Rucci is a proud mother of two children, D’couri and Cour’don, a boy. She hasn’t revealed the identity of the father to anyone since having them when she was still a teenager.

Who is Renni Rucci?

2018 saw the rise in popularity of Columbia, South Carolina-born American rapper Courtney Rene, better known by his stage name Renni Rucci. Audiences want to know more about her personal life despite her accomplishment on stage. We have learned a few things about her children’s lives and their relationship, despite the fact that she keeps them out of the spotlight.

Announces Her Pregnancy With Blacc Zacc’s Offspring Renni Rucci

Renni Rucci and Blacc Zacc are excitedly anticipating the birth of their son! On Wednesday, April 17, Renni shared the wonderful news on Instagram along with a touching message to her newborn baby.

The Father of Renni Rucci’s Two Children Is the Same

The father of Cour’don and D’couri, Renni Rucci’s children, is the same, although his identity is still unknown. Renni acknowledged this in a 2009 tweet, disclosing that she was unable to complete high school. The cause? She was left to support her family on her alone when her children’s father received a sentence of more than eight years in jail. She worked three low wage jobs at the same time to make ends meet.

Renni values her time with her children and treasures the strong relationship they have developed despite the difficulties. She frequently posts insights into their lives via Instagram.

Renni’s path into music started at a young age, encouraged by her mother and her high school lover to pursue her passion. She began her career as a dancer and stripper to help support her family. In 2017, she released her first track, “Roll in Peace,” which became a great smash. She has now established herself as a gifted rapper in the American music scene.

Early Life 

The music video for Blacc Zacc and Renni Rucci’s collaboration song “Nola,” which features Big Lex, was just released. The film, which was first published in 2023 as part of Zacc’s 48 Hours initiative, made its debut on Wednesday, April 17. 

The Columbia, South Carolina native spits bars in the video alongside a few chicly attired ladies who are displaying their confidence.

It’s interesting to note that the couple revealed their pregnancy on the same day the video was released. Rucci announced the news on Instagram along with a touching video that included Polaroid pictures of her while she was pregnant and a white cake.

She expressed her delight and affection for her unborn kid directly in the caption, addressing him. She was so happy that she blurted out how difficult it was to keep the news to herself and how excited she was for everyone to see her child.

The couple is obviously ecstatic about their upcoming birth, as Rucci has already begun to picture the warmth and affection their extended family would shower onto their baby son.


Name:Renni Rucci
Children:D’couri and Cour’don
Birthplace:Columbia, South Carolina, USA
Career:American rapper
Notable Achievements:– Rising to prominence in 2018
– Known for hit singles like “Roll in Peace”
Relationship Status:In a relationship with Blacc Zacc since September 2023
Recent News:Expecting a child with Blacc Zacc; clapped back at critics suggesting pregnancy over career growth
Social Media:– Instagram: @rennirucci_
– Twitter: @RenniRucci
– Facebook: Renni Rucci

Renni Rucci Kids:

Introducing Cour’don, Renni Rucci’s First Child

The eldest child of Renni Rucci, Cour’don, was born in Columbia, South Carolina, sometime in 2007. At seventeen years old, his precise birthday is still unknown. Cour’don, an African-American citizen of the United States, entered the public spotlight concurrently with his mother’s increasing prominence, although this wasn’t the case when he was younger.

When Renni gave birth to Cour’don at the age of 16, she was not yet well-known. Before her career took off, not much was known about her son. He’s probably still in high school right now, figuring things out. His Instagram suggests that he may have been encouraged by his mother’s success to pursue a career in entertainment, even though his professional goals are still unclear. With almost 5,000 followers, Cour’don’s internet profile is expanding quickly. He frequently shares photos of himself with well-known hip-hop musicians.

Cour’don, Renni Rucci’s First Child Age

Born in 2007, Renni Rucci’s son is now a vibrant 17-year-old, navigating the ups and downs of adolescence with his mom by his side.

Introducing D’couri is Renni Rucci’s Second Child

D’couri, Renni Rucci’s second kid, was born in 2009, making her fifteen years old today. She was born and reared in Columbia, South Carolina, just like her brother.

Information on her children’s academic progress is unknown since Renni closely monitors their private life. However, D’couri is probably adjusting to her first year of high school, given her age.

D’Couri is currently developing his profession at the age of 15. She is currently concentrating on her education. Despite having a sizable fan base on her personal Instagram account, she is forging her own route away from her mother’s prominence.

Cour’don is Renni Rucci’s Second Child Age  

In 2024, D’couri, Renni Rucci’s daughter, is a lively 15-year-old, navigating her teenage years with her family in Columbia, South Carolina.

Renni Rucci Career 

A recent debate was sparked by a tweeter who said that Renni Rucci should become pregnant instead of focusing on her music career, as it was not going anywhere. Renni, though, was having none of it. She confidently clapped back on April 17, 2024, stating that her career was flourishing. She made note of the fact that she can easily grow her family with or without a spouse and that she may take a sabbatical without feeling obligated to release new songs. 

Renni reassured her fans that her alleged pregnancy will not have an impact on her appearances or new song releases. She emphasized to everyone that she has successfully balanced parenting and her job in the past and that she is more than capable of doing it now.

Renni, whose real name is Courtney Rene Donelson, has a unique relationship with her daughter D’Couri, who turned 14 this past weekend. And it appears that their family is expanding since Renni, who is happy that she may now reveal her pregnancy on Twitter, did so with great joy.

Renni started seeing Blacc Zacc in September 2023 after divorcing her ex-fiance Foogiano, and there have been rumors that he is the father of her unborn child.

While Renni was making headlines, another well-known rapper and YouTuber, Yungeen Ace, also revealed that he and his fiancée, Chloe Glass, were expecting a kid in 2024. Some of our favorite musicians appear to be embarking on new endeavors this season!


In an interview with AllHipHop earlier this year, Blacc Zacc discussed his relationship with Renni Rucci. “Hell nah,” he said, expressing his evident disinterest in appearing with her on the reality show Love & Hip-Hop. She is that. I just stood by and let her s###. I remain in my own lane.

Blacc Zacc had nothing but respect and affection for his partner, even in the face of obstacles they encountered like every other pair. He acknowledged that there are ups and downs, particularly when it comes to handling trolls on social media. Like any other relationship, it’s cool, he added. “I always feel like I’m going to select her when I wake up. But there’s also s### going on. We have disagreements from time to time. S###, I’m starting to feel like myself. Got the s### and the trolls. Indeed, but f### them.

Blacc Zacc was willing to tour with Renni Rucci, and he even had plans to create an album as a way to further establish themselves as a dominant duo in the hip-hop industry. “Yes, we also have that,” he said. I believe that will be awesome. Something for the city.”

Social Media 

As of my last update in January 2022, Renni Rucci is active on several social media platforms. You can find her on:

Instagram: @rennirucci_

Twitter: @RenniRucci

Facebook: Renni Rucci

These accounts should provide you with updates on her music, personal life, and other activities. Keep in mind that social media handles can change, so it’s a good idea to double-check her current accounts for the most accurate information.

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