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The Big Wife Andre: Who Is She? Age, Bio, Career, Family, Net Worth, and Much More

Certainly! Here’s a more humanized version of the story:

The unsung hero behind the wrestling giant was none other than Jean Christiansen, the devoted wife of the late, great WWF wrestler Andre the Giant. Their journey won the hearts of millions of people all over the world, and their love story went beyond just a personal success.

In addition to being Andre’s wife, Jean’s life was about forging her own route through the glamour and flash of the professional wrestling industry. With her elegance and charisma matching Andre’s commanding presence, they formed a power couple that fans could not help but adore.

Jean’s life was an amazing fusion of grace and tenacity outside of the ring.

 She faced the challenges of fame with poise, becoming a beacon of strength for Andre and their fans alike. People were drawn not only to Andre’s feats but also to the woman who stood by him through it all.

Jean embodied the ideal harmony of strength and beauty in both her physical appearance and demeanor. Her appearance and manner sparked curiosity, which added a new dimension to the already captivating tale of Andre and Jean.

Throughout their journey together, they had many highs and lows, but their love remained unwavering.

The sincere bond between them captivated fans, elevating their story above that of a simple wrestling narrative.

Ultimately, Jean Christiansen was more than just the legendary wrestler’s wife—she was an amazing person in her own right. Her life, which was characterized by glamour, love, and tenacity, made a lasting impression on the professional wrestling community and beyond.

The Giant Wife, Andre 

The main reason for Jean Christensen’s notoriety is her connection to Andre the Giant. There were few details available about her personal journey prior to the events of this chapter in her life.Her early years were obscured by her private life, kept hidden from prying eyes. Regretfully, what is currently known about her parents, early years, and educational background doesn’t reveal a lot. It’s an intriguing tale about the woman who, because of her relationship with Andre the Gian, rose to prominence in wrestling history, even though it appears that she would have preferred to keep those details of her life confidential.

Andre the Giant: Who is he?

For a full three decades, the professional wrestling world was forever changed by the legendary French wrestler Andre The Giant. He is regarded as a living legend after winning numerous world titles and leaving his mark on the history of professional wrestling. Among his many victories, winning the coveted WWE World Championship sticks out as his greatest achievement and cemented his place as a titan of sports entertainment.

Andre the Giant’s biography

Renowned French professional wrestler Andre The Giant became well-known and legendary in the history of the sport after rising to prominence in major wrestling promotions like WWE. Throughout his incredible career, he took home several noteworthy professional wrestling titles.

 Sadly, the wrestling community mourned the passing of this enormously charismatic figure who had made a lasting impression in the ring in January 1993.


Full NameAndré René Roussimoff (Known as André the Giant in the ring)
Birth DateMay 19, 1946
BirthplaceCoulommiers, Seine-et-Marne, France
Height7 feet 4 inches (224 cm)
Early HeightAt the age of 12, stood at 6 feet 3 inches
AcromegalyDiagnosed with acromegaly, a growth disorder affecting proportions
Notable AchievementsWWE World Championship, various major wrestling championships
Career HighlightsWWF debut in 1973, engaged in iconic feuds with Hulk Hogan, Jake Roberts, etc.
Net WorthEstimated at $10 million at the time of death
Career IncomeEarned approximately $400,000 annually in the late 1980s (WWF)
Personal RecordConsumed 156 beers in a single sitting
RelationshipsMarried Jean Christensen in the 1970s, had a daughter named Robin
ChildrenDaughter – Robin Christensen
Family RootsBulgarian father, Polish mother; remarkable height evident in the family lineage
Early LifeBorn in Coulommiers, France; exhibited signs of acromegaly at the age of 14

Age :

Andre attained an impressive height of six feet and three inches at the age of twelve.


Andre the Giant was a powerful sight at 224 cm, or 7 feet 4 inches, in height. His father stood six feet two inches tall, but his mother was only five feet two inches.

His family tree also featured notable heights.

 But it was his grandfather who truly stood out, towering at an astounding 7 feet 8 inches, according to Andre’s father. It’s clear where Andre inherited his towering stature from.

Andre rose to fame early on, having outgrown his father by the time he was twelve. None of the other great WWE stars, such as The Undertaker (6 feet 10 inches), Demon Kane (7 feet 4 inches), Big Show (7 feet 1 inch), and The Great Khali (7 feet 3 inches), could match Andre’s towering presence.

He surpassed them all by a substantial three-inch margin.

Even with those impressive figures in the wrestling world, Andre remained in a league of his own. His billed height of 8 feet was unmatched, with Giant Gonzalez being the only one to come close, but still not quite reaching Andre’s larger-than-life stature.

Early Years of Andre the Giant:

Born on May 19, 1946, in Coulommiers, France, André the Giant came into this world with quite the entrance, weighing an astonishing 13 pounds. Despite being known in the wrestling world as hailing from Grenoble in the French Alps, his roots were deeply planted in the quaint town of Molien, just forty miles east of Paris. His two elder siblings and his two younger siblings made for a lively home when he was growing up.

What’s interesting is that Samuel Beckett, the well-known playwright, was André’s neighbor. 

Their interactions during André’s school days added a touch of literary flair to his childhood memories, turning routine trips to and from school into unforgettable adventures.

André left school at the age of 14, following the rules of the time regarding labor laws.This is when the symptoms of his acromegaly, a disorder affecting his physical proportions, began to appear. Despite the challenges his illness presented, André’s extraordinary growth persisted, and by the time he turned 15, he had grown to an amazing 6 feet 6 inches in height.

André’s journey was more than just his wrestling exploits; it was a story that entwined his childhood in a small town, his early hardships, and his fortunate runs-in with writers. It’s an incredible story that goes beyond the wrestling ring to show the incredible journey of a very special person.

Personal life of Andre the Giant 

Andre achieved something truly remarkable by setting a world record, downing an incredible 156 beers in a single sitting.Due to a lack of credible evidence, this feat was first met with skepticism and was more appropriately classified as an urban legend. But the mystery was finally resolved in 2013 when WWE officially confirmed the story.

 Adding credibility to the tale was the testimony of Andre’s close friend, Tim White.

In an interview with WWEClassics, Tim White shed light on Andre’s astonishing capacity for beverages, humorously remarking, “He could drink an airplane dry before it even took off.” White also shared some fascinating anecdotes about Andre’s larger-than-life appetite, recalling instances where the wrestling icon would stroll into a restaurant and consume an incredible amount of food, like devouring 12 steaks and 15 lobsters in one sitting. While such extravagant displays weren’t an everyday occurrence, Andre would occasionally treat those around him to these spectacles, adding a touch of entertainment to his larger-than-life persona.

The Giant Family of Andre

Andre entered the world on May 19, 1946, in Coulommiers, Seine-et-Marne, France, born into a Catholic family with a Bulgarian father and a Polish mother. Even from his earliest days, Andre stood out as a hefty newborn, weighing in at a remarkable 13 pounds. He often recounted that the towering height in his family lineage traced back to his grandfather, an impressive figure who stood tall at 7 feet 8 inches.

Career of Andre the Giant:  

When André first arrived in Paris, a local promoter took him under his wing and introduced him to the world of professional wrestling. This historic 1966 meeting served as the foundation for his amazing journey. His encounter with a Canadian champion, who would later serve as both his business manager and a reliable confidant, helped him once more navigate the treacherous waters of the professional wrestling industry.

Before long, André’s fame transcended borders, capturing the hearts of audiences across the globe. From the United Kingdom to Germany, Australia to New Zealand, and even Africa, his larger-than-life presence left an indelible mark wherever he went. His foray into the Japanese wrestling scene in 1970, under the moniker “Monster Roussimoff,” marked yet another milestone in his career, although it was during this time that doctors diagnosed him with acromegaly.

The next stop on his journey was Montreal, Canada, where André swiftly became a sensation. It was here that Vince McMahon, recognizing the immense potential of André’s colossal stature, offered a suggestion to refine his wrestling persona. McMahon advised him to embrace his towering presence fully, shedding the nimble moves for a portrayal befitting a lumbering giant. And thus, the iconic name “André the Giant” was born.

André, who graced the WWF stage, shot to fame after making his debut in 1973. During his legendary tenure in the sport of wrestling, he won the highly sought-after WWF championship and had memorable feuds with legendary wrestlers like Hulk Hogan and Jake Roberts, among many others.

André’s appearances gradually decreased as the 1990s went on, signaling the end of a remarkable career that featured stints in All Japan Pro Wrestling and World Championship Wrestling. Even though he left the spotlight, his reputation as one of the real giants of wrestling lives on.

The net worth of Andre the Giant:

André the Giant had an estimated $10 million in riches at the time of his death. His main sources of income were his acting and wrestling careers, as well as lucrative product endorsement and business relationships.

In the late 1980s, André made a name for himself in the WWF as one of the most paid wrestlers, taking home an astounding $400,000 annually. His income outside of the ring was sustained by earnings from a range of media, such as video games, comic book adaptations, TV and film roles. He accumulated a sizeable fortune over the course of his distinguished career, which he credited to his diverse array of income sources.

Relationship with Andre the Giant:

André and Jean Christensen had a daughter named Robin at the beginning of the 1970s. Robin had very little relationship with her father, even though she was his only child and they had only met roughly five times in her life.

Sons : 

In a tale reminiscent of the drama often found in the world of wrestling, the unexpected union between the legendary Andre The Giant and Jean Christensen played out against the backdrop of wrestling PR back in 1974. Their story took a turn when fate introduced them, leading to the birth of their daughter, Robin Christensen, who eventually followed in her father’s footsteps to become a wrestler herself.

However, amidst the glitz and glamor of the wrestling world, the relationship between Robin and her father was marked by a noticeable absence. Every now and then, news articles would surface, questioning Andre’s role as a father, but the bond between father and daughter remained distant, with only a handful of brief encounters throughout their lives.

In the early days, Andre had doubts about whether he was truly the father of Jean’s unborn child. Even when Robin was born, he struggled to fully embrace fatherhood until legal battles forced him to undergo a paternity test. Surprisingly, the results confirmed a biological connection between Andre and Jean, as they shared the same blood type.

The intricacies of their familial ties, woven with legal disputes and public scrutiny, paint a picture of the wrestling icon grappling with the challenges of fatherhood. Despite his larger-than-life persona in the ring, Andre The Giant’s journey as a parent unfolded in a very human and imperfect way.


Jean Christensen: Jean was the devoted wife of the legendary wrestler André the Giant. Their union was an integral part of André’s life, providing him with support and companionship throughout his career.

Personal Life: While much of Jean’s personal life prior to her relationship with André remains private, her role as André’s wife thrust her into the public eye within the wrestling community.

Love Story: André and Jean’s love story captured the hearts of fans worldwide, portraying a deep connection beyond the wrestling ring.

Strength and Elegance: Jean embodied both strength and elegance, complementing André’s larger-than-life persona with her grace and charisma.

Family: André and Jean had a daughter named Robin Christensen. Despite André’s fame, his relationship with Robin was marked by distance and minimal interaction.

Legal Disputes: André initially doubted his paternity of Robin, leading to legal battles and a paternity test. The results confirmed a biological connection, but André’s journey into fatherhood was fraught with challenges.


As André the Giant’s spouse, Jean Christensen was a vital source of support for André during his professional wrestling career. Fans were enthralled by their love story, which demonstrated a bond that went beyond the wrestling ring. Even with André’s celebrity, they had difficulties in their relationship, such as paternity-related court cases. The story of André’s life gained depth from Jean’s power and grace.


1.What is known about Jean Christensen’s early life?

While details about Jean’s early life are scarce, her role as André the Giant’s wife brought her into the spotlight within the wrestling community.

2.How did André and Jean meet?

André and Jean’s meeting occurred against the backdrop of wrestling PR in 1974. Fate brought them together, leading to a lifelong partnership.

3.Did André and Jean have children?

Yes, André and Jean had a daughter named Robin Christensen. However, André’s relationship with Robin was distant, with minimal interaction throughout their lives.

4.What legal disputes surrounded André and Jean’s relationship?

André initially doubted his paternity of Robin, resulting in legal battles and a paternity test. The results confirmed a biological connection, but André’s journey into fatherhood was complex.

5.How did Jean Christensen contribute to André’s life and career?

Jean provided André with support and companionship throughout his wrestling career. Her strength and elegance complemented André’s larger-than-life persona, contributing to their captivating love story.

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